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March 31, 1864: Douglass fair in New Orleans

The Richmond Daily Dispatch reports that New Orleanians are honoring Frederick Douglass for his abolition work. The one-paragraph item contains 7 sets of scare quotes, so the reader will understand that the Dispatch would never refer to Douglass as “illustrious” … Continue reading

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April 9, 1863: Why should a colored man enlist?

From Douglass’s Monthly, April 1863, an admonition to black men to join the Union army and fight for freedom. WHY SHOULD A COLORED MAN ENLIST? This question has been repeatedly put to us while raising men for the 54th Massachusetts … Continue reading

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October 1, 1862: Frederick Douglass on the Emancipation Proclamation

Frederick Douglass, in Douglass’ Monthly for October 1862, celebrates the Emancipation Proclamation, and calls for renewed resolve to defeat the rebellion. EMANCIPATION PROCLAIMED Common sense, the necessities of the war, to say nothing of the dictation of justice and humanity … Continue reading

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January, 1862: What shall be done with the freed slaves?

From Douglass’ Monthly for January 1862, a plea for justice for the former slaves. Unfortunately, events wound up going almost entirely contrary to Douglass’ prescription. WHAT SHALL BE DONE WITH THE SLAVES IF EMANCIPATED? It is curious to observe, at … Continue reading

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September, 1861: Douglass — “Cast Off the Mill-Stone” of slavery

Frederick Douglass The official Union policy was still that the war was to be fought solely to preserve the Union, and that the government had no intention of abolishing slavery in the states where it existed. Lincoln, though his personal … Continue reading

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May, 1861: Douglass knows how to win the war – Free the slaves

Frederick Douglass Of course, he may have been a bit biased. But his May editorial is still prescient, and it would just take Lincoln a couple of years to come around. From Douglass’ Monthly, May 1861: HOW TO END THE … Continue reading

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February, 1861: Frederick Douglass – “Slavery is the disease, and its abolition in every part of the land is essential to the future quiet and security of the country.”

Frederick Douglass THE UNION AND HOW TO SAVE IT Douglass’ Monthly, February, 1861 In viewing the alleged causes of the present perilous and dilapidated condition of the Federal Union, and the various plans by which it is proposed to set … Continue reading

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Dec. 1860: Frederick Douglass isn’t impressed with Lincoln

Frederick Douglass From Douglass’ Monthly for Dec., 1860: … Nevertheless, this very victory threatens and may be the death of the modern Abolition movement, and finally bring back the country to the same, or a worse state, than Benj. Lundy … Continue reading

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19th century troll?

In online discussions, “trolling” is the practice of intentionally advocating a position that is calculated to provoke an impassioned reply from others. Someone who does this habitually is a troll. If I’m not mistaken, trolling predates the internet by quite … Continue reading

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