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February 27, 1864: More Southern women

A couple of items today in different papers on the spirit of Southern women. The first I couldn’t resist because it shows that bad puns have a really long history in the New Orleans Picayune (now Times-Picayune). In the second … Continue reading

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February 20, 1864: Yankee and Southern women

A couple of items in the Mobile Register and Advertiser juxtapose a story involving a southern woman with one about a Northern one, perhaps with some intent that a lesson be drawn. Yankee women dress like men and go to … Continue reading

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January 14, 1864: Southern women will never surrender

The Memphis Daily Appeal reprints a call from southern women to resist Lincoln’s reconstruction plans. It’s not apparent to me what “southern women” might have had a hand in writing this perfervid screed, but to me, it just cries out … Continue reading

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December 4, 1862: Watching out for transvestites in Virginia

Cross-dressing could land you in jail in the old South, as we’ve seen before. This time it’s a false alarm — they sent a detective to check out someone who just turned out to be a man who seemed effeminate. … Continue reading

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November 23, 1862: Female smugglers in the west

The New York Times published a letter from before the fall of Holly Springs, detailing the capture of a group of women who were smuggling military materials from Memphis southward. They also appear to have been carrying letters conveying military … Continue reading

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August 26, 1862: Mary Todd Lincoln’s woes

The Richmond Daily Dispatch reprints this item from the Atlanta Intelligencer. Despite their protestations, it seems a bit like a taunt to me. In any case, Mary Todd Lincoln did lose two brothers who fought for the south in the … Continue reading

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July 18, 1862: The War on Women

Turns out that this election year isn’t the first time that Republicans have been accused of conducting a “war on women”. Although I have to say that some of the language used by certain popular commentators would have shocked Ben … Continue reading

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