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February 14, 1865: That uncultured old tar Farragut

The Richmond Daily Dispatch paints us a portrait of Admiral Farragut. Sure, he took Mobile, but given his lack of social graces, it hardly counts. How Farragut was “lashed to the mast”–told by himself. The Brooklyn-Union gives a detailed account … Continue reading

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September 22, 1864: Farragut’s unwell

Looks like Farragut isn’t going to be able to do much to further Sherman’s grand plan, but he will wait on the east coast to support Sherman if he heads for the sea. NEW ORLEANS, LA., September 22, 1864. Major-General … Continue reading

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September 21, 1864: Sherman proposes a grand strategy

Sherman has a plan that sort of sounds like he forgot who was in charge of the Union armies. In any case, his idea is that while the fleet threatens Mobile as a distraction, Grant should take Savannah, and then … Continue reading

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July 31, 1862: Without troops at Vicksburg, C.H. Davis heads for Helena

Charles Henry Davis His fleet battered after the engagement with the Arkansas, Davis was a little testy about Farragut’s failure to support him at Vicksburg. With Farragut heading south and taking Gen. Thomas R. Williams’ troops with him, Davis lacked … Continue reading

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June 28, 1862: Farragut can’t take Vicksburg without the Army

The New York Times wasn’t alone in recognizing that Vicksburg was the vital point controlling the Mississippi; David Farragut had been ordered to take Vicksburg with his gunboat fleet. He recognized, though, that the position was too strong to be … Continue reading

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May 15, 1862: “…plying her avocation.”

As we have seen earlier, Ben Butler was not well-loved in the confederacy to begin with. He and his troops reported continual insults and abuse from the women of New Orleans (although the Richmond Dispatch denies they could be so … Continue reading

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