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May 18, 1865: Was the war a victory for democracy?

The New York Times comments on a letter to the London Times, in which the writer argues that “”Sir, the North has succeeded, but not because it is a democracy; the South has failed, but not because it is an … Continue reading

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February 17, 1864: London Herald on Lincoln

The Richmond Daily Dispatch reports on the London Herald’s view of Lincoln’s message to Congress. It’s not clear to me how much of this is verbatim, and how much is paraphrased. In any case, it appears that the London Herald … Continue reading

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February 16, 1864: Starvation parties, and southern resolve

Richmond sees gaiety despite the lack of luxuries. According to one observer, southerners are in good spirits, and expect their fortunes soon to turn. CHARLESTON MERCURY, February 16, 1864, p. 1, c. 5 The “Starvation Parties” in Richmond as Seen … Continue reading

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May 11, 1862: English reactions to Shiloh

The New York Times ran a lengthy piece from their Manchester correspondent. In a time before the transatlantic telegraph, news still traveled to and from England by ship, so the correspondent wrote on April 26 a piece that ran in … Continue reading

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