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March 26, 1864: Miscegenation Mania

In December, 1863, two Democratic reporters wrote a lengthy pamphlet titled “Miscegenation: the theory of the blending of the races, applied to the American White Man and Negro.” The pamphlet was published anonymously, purporting to be by an abolitionist who … Continue reading

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February 22, 1863: Epithets

The New York Times analyzes the nicknames used by the two sides against each other, concluding with a tirade against the copperheads. Epithets and Nicknames A Study for the Times. Men betake themselves so naturally to the use of epithets, … Continue reading

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July 5, 1862: Vicksburg is ours! Well, maybe not.

(It wouldn’t be the last time Porter’s fleet shelled Vicksburg) Imagine a major, respected news outlet trying to get the latest “scoop” out, and finding after that their information was wrong — good thing nothing like that ever happens nowadays. … Continue reading

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