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December 21, 1862: Aftermath of Van Dorn’s raid

Earl Van Dorn **************************************************** Van Dorn and Forrest’s raiders captured the supply depot at Holly Springs, and broke up the railroad between Memphis and Columbus, KY. Halleck ordered reinforcements out to support them. Meanwhile, Grant relieved Mizner of his command … Continue reading

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December 20, 1862: Van Dorn raids Holly Springs

Confused reports were coming in from Holly Springs. Forrest and Van Dorn appeared to have a sizable cavalry force, and Col. Robert Murphy, the Union commander, was spooked. Grant ordered Mizner to back up his cavalry under Colonel Marsh, but … Continue reading

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December 10, 1862: Burn the cotton

Official Records JACKSON, December 10, 1862. Major-General VAN DORN, Grenada: Send a courier to Major Blythe and tell him to destroy all the cotton between the Tallahatchie and Coldwater and all other points accessible. J. R. WADDY, Assistant Adjutant-General.

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November 29, 1862: Will they fight at the Tallahatchie?

Grant’s advance southward toward Vicksburg requires that his army get across the swampy Tallahatchie River in northern Mississippi. Grant passed on a report to Sherman from the front with the news that Van Dorn, reinforced, is prepared to resist a … Continue reading

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October 15, 1862: Rebels on the run from Kentucky

Reports continue to come in about the departure of Bragg’s troops from Kentucky. The defeats at Corinth, MS and Perryville, KY leave the Confederates in a precarious position throughout the southwest. Persistent rumors about the deaths of Bragg and Cheatham … Continue reading

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October 13, 1862: Rosecrans routs Price at Corinth

New York Times reports Rosecrans’ victory at Corinth. THE LATE VICTORY OF ROSECRANS. — Our late victory near Corinth, Mississippi, under Gen. ROSECRANS, appears to have been the most decisive, although not the greatest battle of the war. The enemy, … Continue reading

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August 1, 1862: Rebels crossing at Chattanooga for real this time

Alexander McCook There had been some false alarms about an impending invasion of Kentucky and Tennessee by the rebels under Van Dorn and Price. Last time, it was McCook who quashed the rumors. This time it’s McCook reporting the rebels … Continue reading

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July 1, 1862: Vicksburg soon to fall?

The New York Times reports that Vicksburg (which they earlier acknowledged was the last “snag” in the Mississippi) is about to fall to the Union. Maybe it already has! Or maybe it’ll be another year, but they don’t seem to … Continue reading

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May 20, 1862: Beauregard plans a counterattack

Beauregard, in a pencil-written note, lays out a plan for a sortie to disrupt the siege of Corinth. I can’t find any evidence that this plan was ever put into action, though. Within ten days they’d abandon the town. From … Continue reading

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April 27, 1862: Confederates order cotton destroyed

The repulse at Shiloh pushed the Confederate line entirely out of Tennessee, and the fall of Island No. 10 opposite New Madrid, MO opened the Mississippi to Union gunboats, probably south almost to Vicksburg, MS. Beauregard, via Van Dorn, ordered … Continue reading

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