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January 18, 1865: My head hurts

We interrupt your war for this analysis of the congruence of Biblical chronology with that of Egypt, as long as you ignore some of the Egyptian stuff. Or something. I got lost reading it, actually. But the Richmond Daily Dispatch‘s … Continue reading

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April 8, 1863: Demonstration of laughing gas at the Cooper Institute

Gardner Quincy Colton pioneered the use of nitrous oxide in dentistry. New York Times: LAUGHING GAS AND COMMODORE NUTT. Dr. COLTON will give an exhibition of the laughing gas this evening, at the Cooper Institute. Father REED’s celebrated Quartette are … Continue reading

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April, 1861: All men are brothers, but some need to be slaves.

James D. B. Debow I have drawn material several times from DeBow’s Review, a bastion of slavery apologetics in the deep South. In the April, 1861 issue, DeBow gives a glowing review of a book: The testimony of modern science … Continue reading

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Signs and portents.

One thing I keep noticing is how many letters to the editor of the New York Times in 1860 tell about meteors people saw. You don’t see that too much now. But then, the letters describe some serious meteors. One … Continue reading

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AAAS in 1860: auroras, sunspots, racism, crackpots, but no evolution.

Aurora in Greenland, photo by Nick Russill Letter to the New York Times, 8/9/1860, by E.F. Hyoe of New Jersey: The aurora occupied almost exactly half the sky, and although not as bright as those seen Aug. 28 and Sept. … Continue reading

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