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March 28, 1864: The Final Solution to the Indian problem

Gen. Pope, banished to the Northwest to deal with hostile native Americans, pleads forgiveness for his delay in sending requested troops to the Army of the Potomac. He needs them to put down an expected Sioux uprising, and he uses … Continue reading

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June 4, 1862: Halleck says Pope is hot on Beauregard’s tail — But he’s not

John Pope *************************************************************** Halleck reported to Secretary of War Stanton that Pope had given him some exciting news. Pope had 10,000 prisoners and was in hot pursuit of the defeated Beauregard. Stanton congratulated Halleck, Lincoln congratulated Halleck, the dispatch was … Continue reading

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June 3, 1862: Rosecrans pursues Beauregard south

William Rosecrans ******************************************** While Halleck had some of his troops moving eastward to Decatur, Alabama, he also spared some of Pope’s troops to pursue Beauregard southward in Mississippi. Here Pope encourages Rosecrans to keep up the pursuit to Baldwyn, MS. … Continue reading

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May 30, 1862: Halleck takes Corinth.

Halleck took Corinth, MS, on May 30 — almost two months after Grant drove Beauregard from the field at Shiloh, 20 miles north. Reportedly, Beauregard left a small guard in the town to cheer each arriving train as if it … Continue reading

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May 18, 1862: Still creeping up on Corinth

Henry Halleck ****************************************** As we’ve seen before, Halleck’s army, commanded in the field by John Pope, was making excruciatingly slow progress toward Corinth. If Grant tended toward over-aggressiveness, Halleck and Pope were determined to make the opposite error. Here we … Continue reading

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May 7, 1862: Pope is 5 miles from Corinth

John Pope Halleck writes to the Secretary of War that the big battle for Corinth is imminent. If you know Halleck, you know that this should be taken with a healthy amount of salt. From the Official Record: Honorable E. … Continue reading

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May 6, 1862: Creeping toward Corinth

John Pope Various dispatches published by the New York Times indicate that the union troops were making progress southward from Pittsburg Landing. The report that Corinth had already been taken seemed plausible — after all, the battle of Shiloh happened … Continue reading

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April 22, 1862: Cautiously advancing on Corinth

Henry Halleck Halleck took over general command after Shiloh, and he was determined not to repeat Grant’s error of being insufficiently cautious. He would take months to advance the 20 miles to Corinth, Mississippi. PITTSBURG LANDING, April 22, 1862. Major … Continue reading

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April 8, 1862: Pope takes Island No. 10

General John Pope After a long siege, and with the aid of a couple of gunboats run past the position by Commodore Foote, General Pope’s batteries destroyed the Confederate position on Island No. 10 and captured the majority of the … Continue reading

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March 26, 1862: Siege of Island No. 10 gets old.

Commodore Foote After the confederate forces withdrew from New Madrid to Island No. 10, just upstream in the Mississippi, the federal forces laid siege to that island. After a couple of weeks, the siege was having a bad effect on … Continue reading

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