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July 9, 1861: Stephen A. Douglas eulogized in the Senate

Stephen A. Douglas On July 9, 1861, Lyman Trumbull submitted a resolution to the Senate honoring the late Stephen Douglas: Mr. TRUMBULL announced the death of Hon. STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS as follows: MR. PRESIDENT: At the close of the last … Continue reading

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January 3, 1861: Senator Douglas on the crisis

Stephen A. Douglas The Illinois State Register of January 16, 1861 published extensive excerpts from a January 3 speech by Senator Douglas. I have pulled out some brief passages here that give a general idea of his views. He begins … Continue reading

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October 12, 1860: Reaction to the Pennsylvania election

Pennsylvania election The October 12, 1860 New York Times editorializes about the reaction to the Republican victories, taking a skeptical stance toward secession: The Democracy, and especially the official portion of the Democracy, in Washington, were never before so thoroughly … Continue reading

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Why Breckinridge voters oppose fusion

The Democrats are getting a bit desperate. With their votes divided between two candidates, and still others siphoned off by Bell’s American party, they have little chance to beat Lincoln. Yet they can’t stomach a fusion ticket that would unite … Continue reading

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Douglas knows how to throw a BBQ.

Jones’ Wood As my friend The American Civil War posted today, Douglas supporters had an epic barbecue at Jones’ Wood in New York city (read about Jones’ Wood here.) An ox, a sheep, a calf, and a hog, were the … Continue reading

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Seward in Boston, Douglas in Norfolk, and Southern outrage

William H. Seward As we have seen earlier, Douglas made it clear in his stump speeches that he viewed secession as criminal; in Raleigh, he said that he would hang anyone who violated the Constitution “higher than Haman“. In a … Continue reading

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Betting on Breckinridge

From the Atlanta Weekly Examiner, Sep. 10 1860: The Faith of a Northern Man in the Election of Breckinridge. All our readers must admire the pluck of Mr. Kleik, in making the following bets – We sincerely hope that they … Continue reading

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Letter from White Sulphur Springs

At White Sulphur Springs (now WV) White Sulphur Springs, VA, with its location in the Alleghenies, was a popular summer spot for Southern aristocracy from the early 19th century. Here is a letter in the Baton Rouge, LA Daily Advocate, … Continue reading

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A Virginian’s view of the candidates

1860 Candidates. Clockwise from top right: Lincoln, Douglas, Breckinridge, Bell William L. Goggin, a former Representative from Virginia, and a recently defeated Whig candidate for the governorship, gave a speech in Petersburg, VA that was reported in the September 4, … Continue reading

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Higher than Haman

Douglas as snake charmer, with snakes labeled “Anti-Lecompton”, “Old Line Whigs”, “Republicans”, “American” and “S. American” Douglas, as mentioned earlier, stumped throughout the country to try to hold the Union together (and possibly to get elected, though that was looking … Continue reading

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