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September 16, 1863: Yankees oppressing the Japanese

The New York Times notes how the Richmond Daily Dispatch is against anything the Union government does, even to the point of hoping for the Japanese to sink its navy. I have to say I was previously unaware of tensions … Continue reading

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August 14, 1863: Beach the Marines

The Autocrat, flagship of A.W. Ellet’s Marine Brigade Apparently General Ellet had a brigade of cavalry on boats on the Mississippi, and these “marines” were a bit hard to handle. Grant appealed to the Secretary of War to give him … Continue reading

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July 1, 1861: Iron ships

USS Cairo, 1861 An editorial from the New York Times: Iron Ships of War We anticipate the sneer with which such a proposition will be received by a department that still adheres to low steam, clumsy engines and other awfully … Continue reading

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