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October 12, 1860: Reaction to the Pennsylvania election

Pennsylvania election The October 12, 1860 New York Times editorializes about the reaction to the Republican victories, taking a skeptical stance toward secession: The Democracy, and especially the official portion of the Democracy, in Washington, were never before so thoroughly … Continue reading

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Botts denounces disunion

John Minor Botts in 1841 Former Representative John Minor Botts spoke on October 1, 1860 in Richmond, VA opposing secession. PRESIDENTIAL.; THE CAMPAIGN IN VIRGINIA. John Minor Botts in the Field—He Denounces the Disunionists. Special Dispatch to the New-York Times. … Continue reading

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Why Breckinridge voters oppose fusion

The Democrats are getting a bit desperate. With their votes divided between two candidates, and still others siphoned off by Bell’s American party, they have little chance to beat Lincoln. Yet they can’t stomach a fusion ticket that would unite … Continue reading

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A Virginian’s view of the candidates

1860 Candidates. Clockwise from top right: Lincoln, Douglas, Breckinridge, Bell William L. Goggin, a former Representative from Virginia, and a recently defeated Whig candidate for the governorship, gave a speech in Petersburg, VA that was reported in the September 4, … Continue reading

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Bell and Breckinridge: Quien es mas pro-slavery?

John Bell The New York Times published a card from one of the Bell electors from Georgia: Mr. B.H. HILL, one of the electors at large on the Bell and Everett Ticket for Georgia, in a card just published, gives … Continue reading

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Yancey the Fire-Eater

William Lowndes Yancey The New York Times of August 20, 1860 reports that the Breckinridge Democrats are uneasy: The Seceders have believed that they could either defeat LINCOLN, and by carrying the election into the House secure the Presidency through … Continue reading

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Civil fragmentation: Fox and MSNBC in 1860

We hear a lot about the fragmentation of civil discourse in the 21st century because of web sites and networks devoted to specific viewpoints; a very similar situation obtained in 1860, with newspapers playing the roles of Fox News and … Continue reading

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Election Guide

Excerpt from a political overview in the New York Times by “Observer”, 8/6/1860: Recent developments indicate that DOUGLAS is much stronger in the South, and particularly in Virginia and other border States, than I had supposed. I hear, indeed, that … Continue reading

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