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February 22, 1865: Charleston falls, US flag raised over Fort Sumter

[Preparations to raise the old flag at Fort Sumter, April 1865]. Columbia having fallen, Charleston could not be held, and the rebels evacuated. On February 22, a national celebration was held to commemorate the raising of the US flag over … Continue reading

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April 14, 1861: Surrender of Fort Sumter

Anderson’s telegram After 34 hours of bombardment, Major Robert Anderson surrendered Fort Sumter at 2:30 PM on Sunday, April 14, 1861. S.S.BALTIC.OFF SANDY HOOK APR.EIGHTEENTH.TEN THIRTY A.M. .VIA NEW YORK. . HON.S.CAMERON. SECY.WAR. WASHN. HAVING DEFENDED FORT SUMTER FOR THIRTY … Continue reading

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April 13, 1861: Richmond Daily Dispatch — justifying the attack on Ft. Sumter

The Richmond Daily Dispatch, the day after the attack on Fort Sumter, published this justification for it, and a call to war. The War Began. It will be seen that, under the military compulsion of the immense fleet and army* … Continue reading

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April 12, 1861: WAR!!!

Bombardment of Fort Sumter Fort Sumter viewed from Fort Johnson At 4:30 AM on April 12, 1861, the Confederate forces under the command of Gen. Pierre G.T. Beauregard opened fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. Here’s a short account … Continue reading

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April 11, 1861: Beauregard demands the surrender of Sumter

P.G.T. Beauregard From the Official Record: HEADQUARTERS PROVISIONAL ARMY, C. S. A., Charleston, S. C., April 11, 1861. SIR: The Government of the Confederate States has hitherto forborne from any hostile demonstration against Fort Sumter, in the hope that the … Continue reading

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April 10, 1861: Beauregard is ordered to attack

Secretary of War L.P. Walker As reported earlier, Beauregard and Pickens had been notified of Lincoln’s intent to provision Sumter peacefully, or by force if necessary. MONTGOMERY, April 10, 1861. General BEAUREGARD, Charleston: If you have no doubt of the … Continue reading

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April 9, 1861: Provisions sent to Sumter

The Baltic From the New York Times, dated April 9, 1861, a report that the Baltic is headed for Sumter. I have information to-night, entirely satisfying me that the steamer Baltic has gone to Fort Sumpter, where she will land … Continue reading

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