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January 6, 1865: Need to put Lee in charge

The New York Times reprints an editorial from the Richmond Examiner advocating that Gen. Lee be given overall control of the Confederate armies, much as Grant has of the Union forces. The editorial points out what should be obvious, that … Continue reading

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July 4, 1864: Who needs the fourth?

The Augusta GA Constitutionalist argues that the 4th of July should be discarded, and that Southerners should select a new day to celebrate the founding principles, now threatened by “atheism and abolitionism”. A letter from Atlanta suggests that that city, … Continue reading

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June 23, 1864: Fallible humans

The Richmond Daily Dispatch here takes on the armchair generals of the Confederacy for being too critical of the government. It is odd to see the Dispatch downplaying the military ability of the South in this piece, though, considering the … Continue reading

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March 29, 1864: The decline of the Confederacy

Harper’s Weekly in March 1864 published this map, showing the extent of territory held by the Confederacy in 1861 and 1864. While the war had dragged on much longer than anyone expected, the Union was clearly making progress. THE REBELLION … Continue reading

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March 19, 1864: Lincoln’s amnesty is a plot

The Richmond Daily Dispatch sees Lincoln’s amnesty proposal as a sinister plot to prolong the war intentionally. It’s the only reasonable explanation. And besides, the South wouldn’t give in even if the north promised to make Jeff Davis the next … Continue reading

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March 16, 1864: Reversing inflation in the Confederacy

As we’ve seen, the Confederate Congress passed a bill that constricted the supply of money. It reversed the severe inflation they had been experiencing during the war, at least until the situation became hopeless. The Richmond Daily Dispatch reports on … Continue reading

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March 11, 1864: Tips for making clothes for Confederates

Confederate soldier complains that the clothes made for the soldiers fall apart. MOBILE REGISTER AND ADVERTISER, March 11, 1864, p. 2, c, 3 A Hint for Those Who Make Soldiers’ Clothing.— A soldier writing to the Statesville Express, alludes to … Continue reading

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March 2, 1864: Classless Yankees

The Charleston Mercury reports on the villainy of the Yankees in East Tennessee; other than some plundering of personal property, it seems the worst of it is failing to respect the aristocrats of the South. Splendid mansions used as barns! … Continue reading

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March 1, 1864: The coming campaign

The Richmond Daily Dispatch regards the upcoming spring as a time when the Union will undertake some military action. The editor characterizes some recent expeditions as large-scale reconnaissance, taking the opportunity to dwell on repulses such as the one in … Continue reading

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February 24, 1864: Speculating in Confederate money

I’ve occasionally suggested that the editor of the Richmond Daily Dispatch must have been an ancestor of Baghdad Bob. This story about discharged Union troops exchanging greenbacks for Confederate money would strain even his credulity. Admittedly, if I had some … Continue reading

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