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December 18, 1860: The Crittenden Compromise

Sen. John J. Crittenden of Kentucky Senator Crittenden proposed a resolution to solve the secession crisis, containing 6 proposed constitutional amendments. In summary these amendments would have had the following effects: 1. Reestablishes the Missouri Compromise line, protecting slavery in … Continue reading

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November 30, 1860: Secession news

John Letcher, Governor of Virginia 1860-1864 Editorial from the November 30, 1860 New York Times: NEWS OF THE DAY. We have nothing new of importance regarding the secession movement to report this morning. Attention is now being concentrated principally at … Continue reading

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November 26, 1860: Letter from Herschel Johnson

From the Richmond Daily Dispatch, November 26, 1860: Hon. Herschel V. Johnson has written a letter in reply to one signed by several members of the Georgia Legislature, in which he contends that Lincoln’s election is not sufficient cause for … Continue reading

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