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November 24, 1862: Moving on Vicksburg

Grant and Halleck planned to attack Vicksburg before winter set in. Halleck wasn’t letting Grant take trains south, but he favored a naval movement. Here we see Halleck requesting a report on troop strength; Grant has 72,000 men available. He’s … Continue reading

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October 23, 1862: Bragg’s getting reinforced and Grant is worried

As we’ve seen, Sherman and Grant had been corresponding about the rebel concentration at Holly Springs. Here Rosecrans warns that the Alabama veterans joining Bragg are worth worrying about. Grant goes on to notify Halleck that he thinks that trouble … Continue reading

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April 22, 1862: Cautiously advancing on Corinth

Henry Halleck Halleck took over general command after Shiloh, and he was determined not to repeat Grant’s error of being insufficiently cautious. He would take months to advance the 20 miles to Corinth, Mississippi. PITTSBURG LANDING, April 22, 1862. Major … Continue reading

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December 22, 1861: Grant sends troops to the Big Muddy

Even with the Union firmly in command at Cape Girardeau and Cairo, smuggling to the Confederates was going on only a few miles north of Cape. The “Big Muddy” in this dispatch is not a nickname for the Mississippi, but … Continue reading

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September 26, 1861: Skirmish near Belmont, MO

Richard J. Oglesby The Confederate troops under Pillow were ensconced in Columbus, KY. Union troops under Grant having reinforced the Mississippi river port of Cape Girardeau, MO, Jeff Thompson’s Missouri secessionist guerrillas had retreated southward to the Belmont, MO area … Continue reading

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August 30, 1861: Grant arrives in Cape Girardeau

General U.S. Grant arrived in Cape Girardeau, where he took command of the Union forces in Southeast Missouri. HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES FORCES, Cape Girardeau, Mo., August 30, 1861. I arrived here at 4.30 o’clock this evening and assumed command of … Continue reading

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August 28, 1861: Grant ordered to Cape Girardeau

John C. Fremont General Fremont orders General Grant to Cape Girardeau, as part of a movement to clear the rebel forces from Southeast Missouri. It appears that this movement is ordered just about in time to miss them as they … Continue reading

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