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October 19, 1860: More suppression of free speech in the South

Vigilantes An article from the Jackson Semi-Weekly Mississippian, October 19, 1860: A Female Emissary.             An examination was held at Charleston, S. C., on Friday morning, by Mayor Macbeth, of one Mrs. Catherine Bottsford, a female of rather prepossessing appearance, … Continue reading

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Panic and disunion

More insurrection panic in the Semi-Weekly Mississippian (Jackson, MS) of Sep. 21, 1860: A Clergyman of the Methodist persuasion writes the following, among other things, to the Journal of Commerce, from Vicksburg: Our papers are teeming with accounts of the … Continue reading

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Lynching in Alabama

Lynched man, 1920s From the Tallapoosa Times (Dadeville, AL), September 6, 1860: Threatened Insurrection. The citizens of our Town, and vicinity have been in quite a state of excitement for some days past. Vague rumors of a contemplated insurrection, which … Continue reading

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John Brown marches on

An editorial in the New York Times, August 20, 1860: If the disembodied spirit of JOHN BROWN be observant of earthly affairs, and ordinarily conversant with the primary rules of arithmetic, the aspect of affairs in Virginia at the present … Continue reading

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Texas Panics

John Brown One element in the push for southern secession was fear of slave revolt. In many parts of the deep South, slaves outnumbered white citizens by a substantial margin. The white population had a deep fear of what might … Continue reading

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