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April 9, 1864: Pleasant Hill

Nathaniel Banks ***************************** In an excerpt from Banks’ report on the Red River Campaign, he takes up where he had left off after the battle of Mansfield to describe the battle of Pleasant Hill. Taylor attacked Banks’ forces again the … Continue reading

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April 8, 1864: Mansfield

Nathaniel Banks ***************************** In an excerpt from Banks’ report to Stanton about the Red River campaign, he describes the battle of Mansfield. Banks’ troops were attacked by a somewhat larger force under Confederate General Richard Taylor, and in some prolonged … Continue reading

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April 7, 1864: Confederate trade through Mexico

McClernand protests to the military governor of Tamaulipas that the Confederates are shipping supplies through Mexico. The military governor says he’s sorry, but he can’t do anything about it. Official Records: BROWNSVILLE, TEX., April 7, 1864. His Excellency JUAN N. … Continue reading

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April 6, 1864: Selecting the shallow-draft boats for Shreveport

Gen. Charles P. Stone and daughter Hettie **************************************************** The Red River campaign continues. The Union forces have captured Natchitoches, and are preparing for the next 75 miles up to Shreveport. The river is low, however, and many of their transports … Continue reading

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April 5, 1864: Glee over the death of black soldiers

Sometimes the Richmond Daily Dispatch is hard to believe, even allowing for the different attitudes of the time. The negroes at the Olustee battle –A correspondent of the Savannah New, who was at the battle of Olustee, Florida, says of … Continue reading

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April 4, 1864: Sherman to go after Johnston

Grant lays out his strategy for Sherman. His orders to him are to go after Johnston and go as deep into the South as possible. But his trust in Sherman’s judgment is evident: “I do not propose to lay down … Continue reading

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April 3, 1864: Sherman to Porter — time to go after Forrest

Sherman has heard from Admiral Porter about the success (so far) of the Red River campaign, and he emphasizes that he wants his troops back. What with Forrest raiding Paducah, Sherman would like to move some forces up to the … Continue reading

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April 2, 1864: Desolation in Tennessee

The Richmond Daily Dispatch reprints an account of the effects of war on Tennessee. The desolation in Tennessee. –A correspondent of the Boston Advertiser, who has been on a tour in Tennessee of an extensive and somewhat dangerous character, on … Continue reading

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April 1, 1864: Yet more on miscegenation

As we’ve seen, the hoax pamphlet “Miscegenation” prompted extensive controversy in both North and South, just in time for the presidential campaign. The New York Times treated it as a joke, but some abolitionists took it as a serious, if … Continue reading

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March 31, 1864: Douglass fair in New Orleans

The Richmond Daily Dispatch reports that New Orleanians are honoring Frederick Douglass for his abolition work. The one-paragraph item contains 7 sets of scare quotes, so the reader will understand that the Dispatch would never refer to Douglass as “illustrious” … Continue reading

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