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September 21, 1865: A reply to “Anxious Parent”

Last week a letter to the editor from “An Anxious Parent” asked some probably rhetorical questions about the implementation of the Ironclad Oath in the new Missouri Constitution. This week’s Argus runs a response from a strong Unionist. Mr. Editor: … Continue reading

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September 21, 1865: Challenges to the Ironclad Oath

The Cape Girardeau Argus reports, perhaps with a hint of approval, on some challenges to the new Ironclad Oath in the Missouri 1865 Constitution. The New Constitution Father Cummings, a Catholic priest of Louisiana, Mo., has been fined $500 in … Continue reading

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September 14, 1865: An anxious parent

An item in the Cape Girardeau Weekly Argus, 9/14/1865. Apparently a local is getting a little snarky about the new “Drake” constitution of Missouri, passed in April, 1865, which included the ‘Ironclad’ or ‘Kucklebur’ Oath, which was contained in Article … Continue reading

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August 25, 1865: Welcome, Johnson!

The New York Times reports that the (white) citizens of Richmond invite the new President to visit. A little sucking up as they try to reestablish their hegemony in the state? RICHMOND.; President Johnson and the Cabinet Invited to Visit … Continue reading

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August 24, 1865: Killing off the hotheads

The New York Times speculates, a bit optimistically, that the temporary decline of violence in the South due to the absence of fallen soldiers will continue. The author expects that the abolition of slavery will transform southern culture. Public Order … Continue reading

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August 2, 1865: Foote says give freedmen the vote.

The New York Times publishes a letter from former Mississippi governor Henry Foote, advocating approval of the thirteenth amendment. SOUTHERN AFFAIRS.; State of the South and Negro Suffrage. LETTER FROM H.S. FOOTE. Published: August 2, 1865 The Montreal papers publish … Continue reading

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July 24, 1865: Black and white in Charleston

Friction between black and white Union troops in Charleston. CHARLESTON, S.C., Saturday, July 15, 1865. The people of Charleston have just passed through a fiery ordeal. For two weeks past, until within the last three days, it has been dangerous … Continue reading

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July 18, 1865: Texas freedmen, stay home

The New York Times prints a variety of items from New Orleans, including the admonition for freed slaves to stay with their former masters in Texas — apparently this is one view of reconstruction. NEW-ORLEANS, Saturday, July 15. The steamship … Continue reading

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July 13, 1865: How to deal with freedmen

The New York Times reprints several editorials from British papers. What should be done with the freed slaves? Can they work for wages? Can they stand the northern climate? Are the northerners or southerners treating them as equals?

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June 29, 1865: Ending slavery in Kentucky

The New York Times reports a speech by Kentucky governor Bramlette. He advocates ratification of the 13th Amendment and establishing a free labor system. I’m not sure what his point was about the ownership of land; was he advocating redistribution … Continue reading

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