Damn, I’m tired

Okay, I spent Tuesday through Friday in Lisle, Illinois, outside Chicago.  It was an AQIP forum (Academic Quality Improvement Program), and we worked from 8 AM to 8 PM every day.  Got home Friday night, and started grading stuff.  When you’re out of town for four days, student work piles up.  I’ve still got some papers from Science and Religion to grade, but I finished all the stuff from BI 151 and the exam from BI 381, in addition to paying all the bills, etc.  I’m beat.

I did go out for a couple of hours yesterday for a bike ride.  It was gray and pretty cold, but I’ve got new winter bike tights, so I was warm enough.  Today I never even got out of my pajamas; just sat on the couch and graded stuff.

Now I have two days of finishing grading, and then we’re off to New Orleans for Thanksgiving with Gerry and Ralph.  Hurray!

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