What weekend?

Tuesday I leave for Chicago with the AQIP committee*, so I’ve spent the whole weekend trying to get things done in advance for my classes.  Yesterday I went to work and wrote a test, graded some assignments, edited the handouts for one class for the week and printed them, and put together “before” and “after” data for a workshop I was in last January.  Today I graded an exam all day.  I still have 11 1500-word papers to grade, but that may happen while I’m traveling.  I’ve got them on my laptop.

I know, I could have started grading the papers after finishing the test, but I took a bike ride instead.  Just a short jaunt, about 15 miles.  I found a new paved road within 10 miles of my house, a rarity these days.  It’s only about a mile (Cape County 605, in case you’re interested), but it’s pretty scenic and has no traffic.

That’s it.  Talked to Cabell on the phone, and we more or less mapped out all the travel plans: Cabell flies into St. Louis Tuesday and Robin picks her up.  I drive the three of us to Pearl River, LA on Wednesday for Thanksgiving.  We come back on Saturday.  Then the next weekend I drive Cabell to Madison.  Then the Thursday of finals week I go back up to Madison to get Cabell and her stuff.  Then we have Christmas.  Finally we drive Cabell to Boston during the week after New Years.  I think that gets it.  Somewhere in there we need to get Sophie for Christmas and get her back to St. Paul again.   Eek.

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