I’m in trouble.

Okay, I’ll just get to the point.  I threw out the papa-san chair.  Robin is not pleased.

Here’s the deal.  We’ve had this papa-san chair for a long time.  Actually a papasan loveseat — you know, one of these:

Only ours had a green cushion, and being really old, said cushion was pretty disgusting — faded, stained, etc.   Anyway, for the last five years or so, it’s been in Hannah’s room, where it served as a place to pile stuff.  When we cleaned up the room a couple of months ago, Robin decided to put it out in the hallway.  The wicker chair with an ottoman went out there too, so we had sort of a rattan/wicker conversation group in the hall, not that anybody sat there and conversed.  The cats liked it, though.

So much so that one of them pissed on the papasan chair.   So Robin asked me to take the cushion out and hang it on the clothesline.  It had been there for about a week, when yesterday I decided to take trash to the dump (we live in the boonies, and this is as good as paying for garbage collection).

And here’s where I made my mistake.  I had a vision of the future:

The cushion, being too big to launder, hangs on the line all winter, and in the spring, we look at this sodden, moldy thing and go “Yecchhh!”  And I  take it to the dump.

The rattan frame sits in the hallway for another year, until finally we say “Damn, we keep tripping on this worthless thing, and we’re never going to find a new cushion for it.  Let’s pitch it.” And I take it to the dump.
The problem is, I skipped all the intermediate steps and just decided to pitch the entire thing NOW and save the trouble.  Bad idea.  Oh, well.  Of course, I suppose that I might be accused of some bias in this matter since I never sat in the damn thing — I guess it’s good if you want to curl in a fetal position, but that’s not my normal position for repose.

By the way, everybody who wants to tell me how you can pick up papasan loveseat cushions really cheap can just save it, as this doesn’t really do me any good now, does it?  I suppose now I need to find a new papasan loveseat someplace.

4 Responses to “I’m in trouble.”

  1. Cabell says:

    Well, you should definitely look for one with a leopard print cushion.

  2. Jenn says:

    Crap. I was really looking forward to assuming the fetal position in that chair after Thanksgiving. I shall miss you chair.

  3. K says:

    You know, we have something not dissimilar (but smaller) which is supposed to live at our house, only nobody’s brought it over from my parents’ yet.

    I’d offer it to you if we lived on the right half of the world.

  4. Allen says:

    Thanks. I have a feeling the shipping would be several times the cost of a new one, though. Robin seems to be over it now, which makes sense because we really don’t have anyplace to put it other than the hallway, and that doesn’t particularly need a loveseat.

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