Whip it good.

Yesterday I thought I’d clean up the living room a bit, and this meant putting away the boxes of books that came from Robin’s mother’s apartment.  She had already gotten rid of lots of them, but she had kept some, particularly older ones.  One in particular caught my eye — a small leatherbound book with nothing on its cover.  The first few pages, including the title page, were missing too.  I turned a few pages and came to this:

Buy a boy a top, fhew him how he may ufe it, and you will fee with what pleafure he will whip it.  But command him to do it, tell him he muft whip it an hour every day, and he will find a hundred pretences to avoid the employment.

I leave the commentary to the reader.

2 Responses to “Whip it good.”

  1. K says:


    My mother used to say much the same thing after watching us whizz in dizzying laps around our local ice rink for hours on end.

  2. Allen says:

    Yeah, and it turns out this was written about 200 years ago. See my new post on the subject, as I’ve done some detective work since this one.

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