June 1: Last day!

I got up at 5 AM so I could go back to Santa Fe Canyon and see birds — hoping for a Pinyon Jay at least. No luck on that, but I did get a Juniper Titmouse. This brings me to 42 lifers on this trip, and I think that’s all. I did get some nice looks at various birds while hiking the canyon. Like this Broad-Tailed Hummingbird.

Broad-Tailed Hummingbird

I got back to the house by 8:30 or so, had breakfast, and then we headed to Los Alamos to visit the Bradbury Museum. It was a small, but very interesting museum. Lots of cool stuff about the history of Los Alamos and the Manhattan Project, as well as about the various kinds of research now going on there.

Sobering to think that it’s the place where the world’s first nuclear bomb was made. Did they speed the end of WWII? Or just needlessly slaughter a lot of Japanese? Did nuclear weapons tamp down warfare in the last 70 years? Hard to know.

After lunch, we went back to Santa Fe. Robin and I had to go see Bear the silversmith so he could make a bail for this pendant she bought. Interesting place, Bear’s.

Bear the silversmith

Anyway, for 10 bucks he made a silver bail and Robin was happy. And we then met Hamner and Peggy at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. It’s a small museum also, but it has a very nice collection of works from her earliest around 1916 to ones as late as the 1970s. I especially liked her paintings of cottonwoods.

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

There was a short biographical film, which repeated her claim that her flower pictures were not intended to be erotic. I have to say that I find this improbable. I can understand that she didn’t want to be pigeonholed into that category, especially at the time, and I certainly would say that she’s not a one-dimensional artist. But looking at Series I: White-Blue Flower Shapes … well, you be the judge.

Series I: White-Blue Flower Shapes” (1919) - Georgia O'Keeffe

Finally, there were all her great work based on the scenery of Northern New Mexico, which pretty much sums up our vacation, now rapidly drawing to a close. We fly home tomorrow, so I’ll end with this:

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

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