May 23, 2016: No-Canyon Day

Robin decreed that Monday would be a day without canyons or horses, so after my pre-breakfast outing to Kachina Wetlands, we set out for the Museum of Northern Arizona. It’s a fairly small museum in Flagstaff, but it’s really well laid out and has some great stuff. We started with the tour through the geological and paleontological history of the area.

Museum of Northern Arizona

Then the majority of the museum is devoted to native American prehistory and history, with a lot on the Anasazi, as well as some on Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Pai. It had some exquisite textiles and jewelry. And this modern Kiva mural done specially for them by two Hopi artists.

Museum of Northern Arizona

Afterward, we went back to the hotel and rested for a while, and then in the early evening we went to the Lowell Observatory. Pluto was discovered here, and a lot of early work on the expansion of the universe. Peggy was in heaven.

Peggy geeks out with a telescope

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