Damn, weekends are tiring

I spent most of today and yesterday cleaning out Betsy’s apartment at the Chateau Girardeau*.   Now we have a bunch of large boxes in the middle classroom, waiting to be unpacked and sorted out.  Robin is sick, and so her contribution consisted of opening doors for me when I came back and unloaded the car.  I was carrying in box after box.

“What’s in that one?”

“Mostly kitchen stuff.”

“What’s in that one?”

“Random crap.”

“What’s in that one?”

“More random crap.”

In fact, they’re all mostly random.  We’ll eventually figure it out.  We also now have a bunch of pictures to hang.  I’m beat.

* Have I mentioned before my bemusement at the fact that “Chateau” anything is code for “old folks’ home?”  What’s the deal?

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