The mule jump

I really thought that I was going to miss the mule jump this year.  Last night there were terrible storms in the area, and this morning it was still thundering.  The weather forecast gave 100% probability of rain through 10 PM tonight.  However, about 5 it let up, so I decided to go up to Altenburg.

As always, people were directing traffic to the parking fields, but when I went down the gravel road toward the usual parking area, the volunteer motioned to roll down my window.  “Do you have front wheel drive?”

Sinking feeling. “.. uh.. Yeah?”

“Okay, you should probably be able to make it up the hill there,” gesturing at a muddy track up into the parking area.

Probably?  Not very confidence-inspiring.  Still, I went for it, and it worked okay.  As I walked down the hill, I could see the fair and hear the announcer talking about the start of the mule jump.

While there were fewer competitors this year than most, the jumpers were doing as well as ever.

This mule, Romeo, cleared that jump and went on to take second place.  When it came to the final round, he balked:

The owner wound up losing this tug-of-war.

Spectators at the Mule Jump.

Afterward I checked out the produce and baking competitions.

Here’s a double pumpkin in the “Garden Oddities” division.

The pie competition.  I really have to enter next year.

Then I ran into Don and Janet, our friends who live in Oak Ridge, and we drank beer and ate brats.  All in all, a good time at the Altenburg Fair.

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  1. Spencer says:

    The 2007 Mule Jump in Pea Ridge promises to be interesting with rain in the forcast.
    Were bringing out our musical instruments to jam, just in case!

    See you there?

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