On the mule jump, and existential crisis.

This weekend is the Altenburg Fair (officially, the East Perry Community Fair), at which, tomorrow night, the Mule Jump will occur.  If it doesn’t rain, I’ll be posting about it tomorrow.

As for existential crisis, Betsy has left Robin and me enough money to pay off our debts and have some left over.  In about 4 years, I’ll be eligible for retirement from the university.  Robin will be eligible for retirement sometime around then too.  So here’s my question:  Should I retire, or is there some compelling reason to keep teaching?

I’m not entirely sure that the rewards of teaching are that compelling to me any more.  Read my ratemyprofessors.com ratings.  Classes that used to be exciting are getting to be routine, and it seems like fewer and fewer students are really interested in biology (as opposed to making a lot of money being doctors).

On the other hand, what will I do if I retire?  I’d ride my bike a lot, but will I get bored?  I’ve hardly taken a vacation in 25 years or so, much less been unemployed.  I’m scared that I would retire and just wither away.

So there it is.  What do I do?

2 Responses to “On the mule jump, and existential crisis.”

  1. Cabell says:

    Keep teaching, but get really cantankerous and weird(er). Do they allow evolutionary biology in the Missouri public schools? You could become some sort of movie-inspiring-esque biology maverick.

    Also you could shower a few gifts on your devoted daughters. I’m just saying.

  2. Travis says:

    Take the money and run. You are a smart guy. You’ll find ways to keep yourself from getting bored. I’d retire tonight if I could. As Oscar Wilde said, “Work is for people who can’t think of anything better to do.”

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