Today I redid the TDF/2 Stage 2 route, only the other direction. It’s about the hilliest route I can manage starting from my house; as you can see from the elevation profile, it does have some ups and downs. Not the Pyrenees, I realize.

TDF/2 Stage 16 map

As the Tour/2 nears its end, the crowds are coming out in force. They’re posting signs with encouraging messages along the route, for instance.

Free dirt.

The scenery up here in the Cape-e-nees is breathtaking. It’s an area that is steeped in history. Here’s one of the many cathedrals that dot the landscape, again with a sign erected by the fans:

Cathedral in the Cape-e-nees

Soon the peloton is approaching the final, difficult climb up to the highest point in south Cape County, the Col de Crump. None of those sissy switchbacks that you see in France: the road just goes straight up the slope.

Part of the ascent to the Col de Crump

The fans have camped for days at the coveted spots right at the peak of the Col de Crump, where you can see their caravans and cars lining the road.

Tourists crowd the summit of the Col de Crump

After a thrilling descent (I hit 42.9 mph), the TdF/2 goes through scenic Burfordville, site of Bollinger mill, Bollinger mill and there we see one of the fans decked out in colorful native costume.

Cat at Bollinger mill

Tomorrow’s a rest day. Yay!

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