Col de Scopus

In honor of the Pyrenees, I planned a ride with some hills today — down to Burfordville, then out UU to Scopus. Here’s the Col de Scopus, or one of them…


I never visit Scopus without taking at least one shot of the old Scopus school, which was built by the WPA in 1936. Very picturesque.

Scopus school

I went a little way south on B from Scopus, where I was rewarded with this work of public art. Everyone who has used a chainsaw has had the experience of getting it stuck so badly that you need another saw to get it out; this sculpture tells a story of an occasion when they ran out of saws, apparently.

Chainsaw sculpture

I turned around and went back north, and was about to leave Scopus entirely when I realized that the building on the corner was actually a store. I had to stop and visit, and that was definitely worthwhile. Not that the store had much (though they did have Powerade), but it is clearly the social center of Scopus.

Scopus -- Bridges' store

This is Laina, who doesn’t own the place “No, I just stay here. Six days a week.” She was very friendly, happy to have me take pics of the store, and told me to be sure to come back. Sometime when I’m not hurrying to avoid the heat or stormy weather, I’ll come back and see what the regulars can tell me about the schoolhouse.

Scopus -- Bridges' store

Finally, coming back on highway 72, I saw this produce stand. They had big cups of fresh blackberries for $2. Standing there eating fresh blackberries about 50 miles into my day’s ride was about as good as it gets. Of course, I had a blackberry seed stuck in my teeth for the last 20 miles, but it was worth it.

Honor system

59.8 miles today. Tomorrow 61.2, and then Wednesday is a rest day.

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  1. Travis says:

    I would have had to wash the blackberries before I ate them. That’s just how I roll. :-P

  2. John Seabaugh says:

    My father went to that school back in the 40′s. He also remembered it being built. We went out there together a few weeks ago and I took some pictures. They are up on my FB page. I know the building has been let go… Still, I hope some of the stories survive.

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