TDF/2 Stage 13

60.8 miles today. I rode in to Cape via highway 177, and of course went by the Cape Rock overlook. When the river is high, Juden Creek backs up to make a flooded area. It makes me a bit homesick, as this is the kind of terrain I spent a lot of time in when I was growing up in Florida. Also reminds me of Pogo, especially since (though I’ve framed this pic to exclude it) there’s sadly a lot of trash strewn around.

Juden Creek is flooded

I went through Cape, and as I was heading for the bridge, I saw a cafe I’ve often passed: “Brenda’s Place”. I was hungry, so I stopped for breakfast. It was okay; I’d recommend the American fried potatoes, which are apparently fried round slices, rather than the hash browns, which were a rectangle that clearly had been frozen. The place is close to the River Campus — if I were a performing arts student, I’d be there a lot, I think.

Brenda's place

I headed over to East Cape, and got a few more pics of birds and lotus flowers over there — the American Egrets are out in force, roosting in trees and feeding in the shallow flooded fields. See my Flickr account, if anyone is interested. On the way back, this barge was passing under the bridge, and I had to capture a view of it.

TDF/2 Stage 13

A lovely morning, all around — scattered clouds so it wasn’t that hot, and a tailwind going home. Only 7 more stages to go.

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