TDF/2 Stage 12

Back in stage 7, a woman on a bike passed me on highway C near Farrar. We stopped and chatted for a few minutes — her name is Carrie Walker, and she had just been up to Perryville, which is apparently a ride she makes frequently. She mentioned that she goes somewhere there for pie. I saw her again on stage 9, when we passed each other on 61. Today, she overtook me on 61 just outside of Uniontown, and we started riding together. I asked her where it was she went for pie in Perryville, and she said “The Park-Et! I’m headed there now — you should come with me.” So, I followed her to the Park-Et restaurant, right on 61 in Perryville.

Park-Et in Perryville

When we walked in, seems like half the people there greeted Carrie by name, and when we sat at the counter, the waitress already had her drink waiting for her. We were a bit early; they make pies fresh daily, and the only one that was ready was a peach cobbler. Not that I’m complaining. It was an excellent cobbler. A little sweet to my taste, but good fresh peaches, and the crust was flaky and crisp. The guy on the stool next to me said hi — turns out he remembered me from Stage 8, when I ate at Terri’s Country Cafe on KK. I’m feeling like it’s a small world of good cafes in Southeast Missouri.

Carrie headed east on highway M to go back on C; I continued north through Brewer in order to get my mileage. For the record, from home to the Park-Et is 25.7 miles. Now that Carrie has introduced me to everybody that works there, I need to visit again soon. Besides, the blackberry crumble pie didn’t come out of the oven until we were leaving today. I need to go back a little later in the morning next time.

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