TDF/2 Stage 11

Another early start. On the road by 5:30 AM. It was foggy. So humid my glasses were fogging even at full speed. I decided to head down 177 toward P&G.

TDF/2 Stage 11

Still looking for the alps. How about this hill on County Road 607? After you climb this steep stretch and a bit more winding grade, there’s a nice slight downhill grade all the way to Highway V.

Another local alp

I wound up riding in to Cape and down to the transfer station, turned around and came back the same way. I finally had some competition briefly; on the way back north on 177, I passed a guy riding up a hill. He was maybe in his late 20s, riding with a helmet but no shirt, and a lot of muscles; I figure a triathlete. I guess I caught him while he was warming up.

When I pass someone on the road, I hate to have them overtake me afterward; it seems like I’m bragging and unable to live up to it or something. So I worked hard on the next couple of hills, hoping to lose him, but he kept showing up in the rear view mirror. When it became apparent that I wasn’t gaining, although I was definitely panting, I sat up and let him pass me. He was out of sight in a couple of minutes. So I guess I’m the lanterne rouge today. I’m consoling myself with the thought that I’m probably 30 years older than him.

The river is high, by the way. Here’s a shot of the fishing access at Red Star; the signs (and the restrooms) are out in the river now.
River is high

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