TDF/2 Stage 9

I really don’t get this kind of church-sign humor, somehow. I’m pretty sure this is a Missouri Synod Lutheran church, so they have a literal understanding of hell. So how do they find this funny? “Ha ha, after you die you’ll be tortured endlessly!” That’s a real knee-slapper, all right. If I believed there was life after death, and if I believed that people who failed to abide by some set of rules would be tormented eternally in it, I’d want to warn everyone. I don’t think I’d find the prospect of their limitless suffering funny, though. You know, at least an old Puritan like Jonathan Edwards took the whole “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” thing seriously.

Ha ha.

Meanwhile, I rode to Brewer and back today. About 66 miles. Uneventful until I got to my driveway, which we share with the neighbors. They’d just put down some new crushed rock, and apparently a sharp bit slashed one of my brand new tires. So now I need a new tire and tube.

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  1. reido says:

    That’s south of Gordonville, near the old Grossheider Lakes, right? Yeah, I got married the first time at that church. Jesus.

  2. Allen says:

    No, Reid, this one is in Longtown, up in Perry county. There are a lot of Zion Lutheran churches around here.

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