TDF/2 Stage 8

The alps of Perry County are renowned for their stunning vistas and challenging climbs. Renowned among residents of Perry County, at least. Okay, nobody calls them the alps of Perry county. Here’s a nice view from the top of the lookout tower on Highway J, anyway.

TDF/2 Stage 8

I planned a nice route for a day with a north wind, not realizing that the wind had come around to the south, so I wound up starting out with a tailwind and finishing with a headwind. It was pleasant in the morning, though. I made excellent time on highway D, and then I stopped at Terri’s Country Café on KK, adhering to my rule of never missing a chance to eat breakfast at a diner. Especially if there are lots of pickup trucks in the parking lot. I had pancakes and eggs.

TDF/2 Stage 8

The ride was uneventful. Lots of rolling hills, and a prolonged uphill trend going west on KK and then J. Coming back I almost had a new dog – a little pit bull came out and started following me, and when I stopped for a moment he started licking my leg. If it hadn’t been downhill, I don’t know if I could have lost him, as he showed every indication of following me all the way back to Pocahontas.

Tomorrow’s a rest day! I’ve got 430 miles in for the week, so a little rest sounds good about now.

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