Hannah Heads Out

Last night I drove Hannah up to St. Louis and dropped her at the Drury across the road from the airport.  Her plane was leaving at 8:45 this morning, so she needed to get there the night before.  I should be getting pretty used to the kids being grown up, but I have to say it was a strange feeling giving her a hug and leaving her in a hotel room by herself.

Anyway, she got away fine, and I didn’t hear anything until early this afternoon.  Turns out she’s in Baltimore, where she’s supposed to change planes, but the weather has been bad in Boston, so her connecting flight (coming in from Boston and then turning around) is delayed.  So she’s pretty much run out of ways to amuse herself in Baltimore.  Oh, well.  I did look up train schedules for her so she can think about what later train she might catch.

Meanwhile, on the bicycling front, some idiot almost ran me over this morning.  Everybody always gasps about me riding on country roads like W, but in fact it’s in town that’s the scariest.  I pull up to the four-way stop at Lexington and Perryville, stop, put my foot down so everyone can see I’m REALLY stopping.  An SUV pulls up on my right and stops.  I start out into the intersection, and just as I’m passing right in front of the SUV, the idiot starts pulling out.  I yelled, and he apparently woke up and stopped.  You know, I’m doing my bit to keep demand for gas down so you can drive your gas hog more cheaply, and this is the thanks I get?

On a sunnier note, only 76.55 miles to go to 5000 since I bought the new bike last Sep. 23.

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