Ooops. What an unfortunate, totally unintentional mistake.

The National SMART program gives grants to low income undergraduates in science, math, and certain foreign language majors.  It has a long list of majors that will be supported, which until recently included “evolutionary biology”.  There are numerical codes for all the majors, and 26.1303 is the one for that major — but in the current list there’s a blank line between “26.1302 Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography”, and “26.1304 Aquatic Biology/Limnology”.   The New York Times quoted officials saying the omission was a “clerical mistake” that would be corrected right away.  Uh-huh.

2 Responses to “Ooops. What an unfortunate, totally unintentional mistake.”

  1. Allen says:

    I should point out in fairness that 26.0908, elsewhere listed as “exercise physiology” is also missing. Is there a connection?

  2. Allen says:

    Wait, wait! TailRank also points out that there is one other missing major — “15.0501: Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology”. As this site asks, “Why do the creationists hate air conditioning?” Hmmmmm…

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