Random stuff

No single really bloggable event has occurred recently, so this is just a collection of snippets.  This is the first week of classes for me, and that’s going okay; in particular, my first Science and Religion class with Bob Towner team-teaching seemed very promising.  He’s  pastor of the local Episcopal church, and teaches a few classes for Philosophy and Religion.  We get along well, and our viewpoints are different enough that it sparks some interesting discussion.  The students seemed mostly willing to talk as well.

It’s now 30 days from the anniversary of buying my new bike, and I have 110 miles left to hit 5000 for the year.   This isn’t counting the 16.5 miles that I’ll ride this afternoon to get home.  Looks like I will make 5000 with a fair amount to spare, as I’ve averaged 160 miles a week since March.  Tuesday I rode to work and back, and also went for a ride in the middle of the day with Tom Farden, the gymnastics coach.  I can keep up with him, more or less, although he clearly is easing up sometimes for the sake of the old guy.

Betsy is determined to die by Labor Day, although I don’t know that it’s that easy.  She is getting weaker daily, and she’s in considerable pain.  They have liquid morphine for her, and she’s been taking a lot of it.  I went to see her yesterday and she really wasn’t lucid at all.  She hasn’t been eating or drinking much, so she’s losing weight.

The cats are going through some kind of power struggle.  Bart and Dora have been coming upstairs a lot more lately, and Bart is apparently trying to establish dominance over Finch and Darwin.  He practically knocked Finch off the top of the bookshelves in our bedroom yesterday.   Legba is the only one whose behavior remains consistent.  I see him most mornings on top of the heating ducts in the basement, just before he panics and hides in the laundry room.

I’m driving Hannah to St. Louis tonight — she’s going to spend the night in the hotel across the road from the airport, so she can catch her plane early tomorrow morning.  Back to Boston, where she has to be early so she can help new freshmen move in.

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