I’ve just come from a 3 1/2 hour faculty “retreat” at which we have been trying to work out the scheduling of rooms and faculty for the spring semester.  We’re in transition to a new majors’ curriculum, and it becomes too complex to sort out without everyone there to think about how they’ll be affected.

It’s actually still going on, but my schedule is done, and I don’t have anything to do with any of the courses that remain to be figured out, so I decided to release myself.

Of course, we did discuss some other issues.  Diane was talking about problems with the graduate program; I wondered what had happened to the recruiting poster we use to send out.  She said they tried one, but people don’t respond to emails when she asks for information to put on the poster.  I told her to put the info she gets on the poster.

“But then I don’t want people coming and complaining about not being represented on the poster!”

“You can’t wait for everyone to respond.  Everyone will never respond.  Some people in this room are never going to respond to ANY email you send.  If they complain, tell them ‘Fuck you!’”

“But then their areas won’t be on the poster.”

“Fuck ‘em!”

I always try to raise the level of discourse in my own subtle way.

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  1. Travis says:

    Will you come work for my college, please? We need people willing to tell others when to step the fuck off.

    We had an in-service day today as well. One of the sessions I attended kind of spoke to this. There was a section about “leaders” who chose popularity and consensus over doing the right thing.

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