My house is infested with cats.

Gurgi:  15-year-old tabby male.  He’s the only one who gets to go outside.  Right now he’s coming in for five minutes, eating, and meowing to go out again so he can get away from all the other cats.

Cleo: 16-year-old black and white female.  She’s psychotic at the best of times.  Now she hides under stuff mostly.

Darwin: 4-month-old black and white female.  She’s having a great time.  Tonight she was eating Cabell’s cats’ food in the basement.  She and her sister Finch are, as usual, rampaging up and down the hallway and annoying the other cats.

Finch: Darwin’s litter mate (I think), an orange tabby with white areas.  She’s quieter than Darwin, but I think mainly to be sneaky.  She likes Gurgi and Bart (see below), which she shows by following them around and sniffing their butts and getting snarled at.

Bart: Cabell’s big gray male cat.  He’s very chummy and likes to roll on the floor so you can rub his belly.

Pandora:  Cabell’s tortoiseshell, somewhat chubby, female.  She comes out occasionally and wants to be petted.  Most of the time she lurks, like in the dish cabinets.

Legba:  Cabell’s tabby male cat.  I’ve seen him twice in the week he’s been here.  Yesterday morning he was hiding behind some shelves in the basement.  When I see him his eyes glow like mirrors.

There could be more.  Who knows?  You can’t see half of them anyway.

3 Responses to “My house is infested with cats.”

  1. Cabell says:

    It’s funny that you describe Bart as being the big one, when Legba probably outweighs him by a few pounds. But I guess you don’t see much of Legba.

    You should check with Gwen about whether she’ll just prescribe the Hills Prescription Tooth & Dental food for you, or if I need to call my vet in Wisconsin.

  2. Allen says:

    Yeah, I was wondering if Legba might be bigger. I saw him again this morning. He was on top of the heating ducts coming out of the wood furnace. I put a bowl of food up there in the hope that he might eat some. Darwin was up there too, though, so he has competition.

    Yeah, I’ll check with Gwen about the food. Which food is the big pieces in that mix you brought? Somebody is eating all of that and leaving the little ones.

  3. Cabell says:

    All of them prefer to eat the big pieces and leave the little ones. You should leave them the little ones until they eat them. The big stuff is the Hills Prescription Tooth & Dental. The little stuff is the Science Diet Adult Light Formula.

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