KT09 day 8 (others were off by one, woops)

Saturday night in the Super 8 in Washington, MO.  A wild time.  We ordered a pizza, and I was really starving, and then there was a phone call from the delivery guy, who thought we were at the Super 8 in Union; they don’t deliver to Washington.  So, back to the iphone map to find another pizza place.  Finally I settled on Cecil Whitaker’s.  I asked if they had bleu cheese.  “Yes.”  Okay, I want bleu cheese, tomatoes, … “You want bleu cheese on the pizza?” No, moron, just throw some in the box.   Okay, you can’t put bleu cheese on a pizza.  I can understand that; it’s complicated.  So I ordered pizza.  Half an hour later it came and I was really starving, and when the delivery guy handed me the box I was thinking “Is there a pizza in there?”  Well, yes, but St. Louis style — you know, where the crust is basically a saltine.  We gobbled it up and I was still hungry, so I walked across the road and got a veggie burger at Burger King.

Anyway,  Cabell and I got up very early (for Cabell) again in Washington, as we wanted to avoid the bridge traffic.  There wasn’t much happening on Sunday morning in Washington, it’s true, but the one car that did come while we were on the bridge proceeded to pass illegally.  Then as we got off the bridge two more cars passed illegally on a blind curve.  I don’t plan to bike to Washington MO again anytime soon.

We took Augusta Bottom Road to get back to the Katy Trail, thus saving a few miles we’d otherwise have had to backtrack.  Half of it (the part close to Washington) is very bad gravel, full of potholes; the other half is nice smooth pavement.

On the way back to St. Charles we saw a copperhead crossing the trail, validating Cabell’s claim that the snake she ran over earlier had a diamond pattern.   I guess she’s allowed to be traumatized.

We got in to St. Charles about 10:15 AM, just in time for the people setting up a big organized ride across Missouri on the trail to mistake us for participants.  I had to explain that we were finishing, not starting.

We headed out and thought we’d stop at the Denny’s in St. Charles for brunch.  Their parking lot was stuffed, and there was a huge crowd waiting inside.  We were puzzled until someone called out “Happy Father’s Day, everyone!”  Then we left and drove to Granite City, Illinois, where apparently there aren’t so many fathers.

Got back to Madison about 6 PM, stopped at WalMart to get a DVD to watch, and headed for home.  Don came over and we ordered some real pizza, with bleu cheese on it, and watched “Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon”.  A triumph of the cinematic art, this stars Shannen Doherty and the guy who was the other spy who died at the end of last season in Burn Notice.  They’re 19th century archaeologists who find the remnants of a lost Aztec group living in the Grand Canyon.  It gets less believable after that, but I wouldn’t want to spoil it*.

Today it rained in the morning, and I stayed in and read, then Cabell and I did a bunch of shopping.  Pier One for a wine rack, Target for odds and ends, Woodman’s for groceries and wine, PetSmart for cat food and toys, and Trader Joe’s for bread, cheese, chocolate and more wine.  Good thing we got that wine rack.

Karaoke tonight.

*If that were possible.

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  1. Travis says:

    You know you almost ended up with bleu cheese salad dressing on your pizza, right?

  2. Mark Farmer says:

    This is my new favorite KT09 post!

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