KT09 day 6

We left Hermann about 10, and had an easy ride to Treloar. There Cabell ran into a friend from college and her two- year-old daughter. The latter was of course deeply impressed with Cabell’s hair.

In Marthasville we stopped at a bar for lunch. A little boy there was silently enthralled with Cabell.

About 2 we got to Dutzow; Washington is just across the bridge. The only problem is that said bridge is two lanes and very busy. No shoulder, of course. We had little choice but to set out across. I made Cabell go first, figuring that when a car crushed me it would then slow down to see what that was.

We made it almost halfway before a car came. It slowed down, and I figured we were in good shape. Then the guy pulled out across the double yellow line and passed us. Then a whole parade of cars proceeded to pass us, right in the face of oncoming traffic. Cabell, in front, was in more danger from shrapnel from a headon collision than from being run down from behind.

Still, we made it across, and celebrated with a glass of wine at La Dolce Vita down by the river. Now we’re hanging out in our hotel, and we plan to leave early and miss the traffic on the bridge tomorrow.

Last day coming up.

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  1. Mark Farmer says:

    Thanks 4 the Wiktionary definition. I just went 2 it 4 the 1st time. I’ll use it now that I know about it.

    Thanks 4 the KT09 blog. Are you 2 CRAZY kids home yet?

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