KT09 day 5 continued

We wandered around town a bit. Had pie at Time for Pie and sampled beers at the Tin Mill brewery.

Crystal, Sam, and Shaunna showed up about 5:30, and we drove out to Stone Hill winery. It was still beastly hot, so it was quite a relief to go into the huge limestone cellars, where the temp is 55 year round. Our tour guide was a high-school age guy who delivered the spiel as if memorized, without ever looking at anyone directly. Still, it was interesting. Stone Hill used to be one of the largest wineries in the world before “the Prohibition hit”, and the government destroyed vines, equipment, and all. Crazy shit our country has done.

Anyway, we had a nice meal, came back to the hotel, and went to bed. Well, not before Cabell tried out the jacuzzi. Tomorrow night we stay in a Super 8. Quite a come – down.

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    Nice T-shirt!

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