Cat update, and a bike ride

First of all, all cats are now accounted for, and none are located in the heating ducts. I went downstairs this morning early and was calling into the open duct for Legba, and heard noises behind me. When I investigated, there he was hiding behind a stack of roll-up maps*. Of course, this afternoon Robin appears to have made the executive decision to open the basement door, so Cabell’s cats are now loose somewhere in the house, along with ours. I don’t hear any violence, so I guess it’s okay.

Today I drove the bike down to Patton, MO, where I started a bike ride.

The starting point, on highway A just sw of Patton.


From there, I headed for Marquand. I’d never been there before, although the name is familiar from hearing about high school sports of some kind. Turns out that the 9 miles to Marquand are pretty much of a roller coaster, but the country is very pretty — a lot of it is in the Mark Twain National Forest. The private property along the way gives the impression not so much of wealth as of thrift; lawns are well-kept, houses neatly painted, gardens cared for well. Here’s my welcom to Marquand:

This appears to be Yosemite Sam in a Confederate uniform, a connection I’d never made. Anyway, it’s a pretty town. On the other side is the Castor River.

From Marquand, you pick up highway D, which winds southeast down to Grassy, MO. There you get on highway H. The other roads had really nice pavement; H is very rough and pebbly. I took H to FF, another pebbly road, and from there got on 51 north to Marble Hill. Marble Hill is the home of the Bollinger County Museum of Natural History. I rode up the really steep hill to it, only to find the sign saying it’s open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons. Not Sunday. However, the same door also had a sign saying “OPEN”, and when I tried the door it was unlocked. So I went inside and checked it out. There was nobody there. The gift shop was open, with merchandise sitting around. The big donations jar, half full of money, was sitting out on the reception desk. I think they didn’t mean to leave the door open. I decided it was a bad idea to be wandering around there, so I slipped out again, after taking a few pics.

Apparently they’ve found some dinosaur fossils in Bollinger county. This is a display of how you prepare dino bones.

Anyway, from Marble Hill, I toook 34 northeast a couple of miles (too much traffic), then B to Scopus. From Scopus, M to state highway 51, and 51 back up to A outside Patton. Total mileage: 60 almost exactly.

*I got carried away at the University’s surplus auction one time and came home with about 50 of those maps that hang over the blackboard and roll up like window shades. Hey, we live in a schoolhouse.

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