KT09 Day 5

Cabell got up at 5:15 this morning. 5:15! We wanted to miss the heat of the afternoon, so we left Hartsburg at 6 am. It was very pleasant riding early in the morning. Of course, all the little woodland creatures also found it pleasant, so we spent the first hour or so dodging bunnies. As Cabell said, it was like a video game. Perhaps it could be called “Rabbit, Run.”

As it got warmer, the bunnies took a rest and the lizards and snakes came out. Cabell was traumatized by running over a snake. Of course the snake was probably more traumatized .

We stopped at Portland at the Riverside Bar and Grill. It was so unprepossessing that we were pretty sure it was out of business. But ok and behold, it was open, and although they didn’t serve breakfast, they did have a half a catfish on a bun. And more fries than you can eat.

It did get hot by noon, but we had a strong tailwind, so we made very good time. Now we’re in Hermann and Sam, Crystal, and Shauna are driving down to meet us for dinner.

2 Responses to “KT09 Day 5”

  1. Mark Farmer says:

    This was one of my favorite posts. I laughed! I’m liking your writing style. But couldn’t find unprepossessing in my Mac dictionary. Is that a biologist thang? Lil help?

  2. Allen says:

    Wiktionary.com says “unimpressive, dull, nondescript.”

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