KT09 Day 4

We purposely slept late at Sam & Crystal’s, as we had a short ride plaaned to Boonville (35 miles), and we wanted to get to Rocheport at lunchtime.

I put the new tires on Cabell’s bike, and we got to Rocheport without incident. The iPhone was showing the winery right in town, but when we looked, it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. I went in an antique shop to ask, and the lady told me in a very foreboding tone that it was three miles up the road, and it was ALL UPHILL. We chose to ignore her warning and went anyway. It’s about a mile and a quarter, and only the first quarter is at all steep.

Well worth it, though. We had an appetizer of warm gorgonzola cheesecake with pesto and tomato coulis. I told Cabell I wanted to be alone with it. It was unbelievable, and I have to learn how to make it.

Maybe I can, as it turns out one of the chefs used to live a couple of blocks from us in Cape. He recognized Cabell after 15 years just by her hair – I think they’re facebook friends. I need to friend him and beg for the recipe.

Somewhat tipsy and extremely full, we rode the rest of the way to Boonville in very hot weather, made worse by the lack of shade on that stretch of trail. Got to Boonville about 4, and called Tim and Jane. Tim came to meet us at the bridge, and it was only two blocks to their house.

They have a gorgeous old Victorian house that is stuffed full of books, artwork, and maps. I had a really great evening looking at antique maps with Tim.

This morning we got on the road by 7:30, knowing it would be hot today, and had a nice first couple of hours. Then it did get hot, but we made it to Hartsburg by 12:30, so it wasn’t that bad. For some reason there were zillions of frogs on the trail today, and lots of near misses. I also almost ran over a snake, and when I braked suddenly, Cabell almost ran into me.

Our room at the b&b here is actually most of the ground floor, with two twin beds, a queen in another room, and a trundle bed suited for a kid. Plus a couch, table and chairs, easy chair, fridge, microwave, and full bath, for $70 a night.

Cabell called Frippy from the trail, and she’s coming down from Columbia to have dinner with us at Summit Lake winery. Should be fun.

Meanwhile Cabell’s in the hammock in the back yard reading.

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  1. Travis says:

    Sounds like things have taken a turn for the better. :-)

    If you do get the recipe for the Gorgonzola cheesecake, please share. It sounds fantastic.

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