KT09 day 3

We got up Tuesday morning and it was raining. After Monday, we’d had enough of that, so we just hung out for a while. By 10 the rain was past us and we were on the road. Back across the scary bridge and on the trail.

This worked out well, as we got to Summit Lake winery in Hartsburg just in time for lunch. At Cabell’s suggestion we went to the local b&bs and found one that had a room for us for Thursday on our way back.

Cabell had a flat right after we left. Like the one the day before, it was from a sharp bit of gravel. Didn’t take long to fix, but I was very conscious that we had no more spare tubes. I’m not fond of patching tubes on the road.

When we got to the trailhead at Columbia, there was a couple there who had just ridden out the spur trail from town and gotten soaked going through a flooded area. Fortunately a local guy was also there, and he told us how to get around the bad area on a side trail. We made it in to town and were right at the spot where you leave the trail to go to Sam and Crystal’s house, when Cabell had another flat. We called Crystal and she arrived in a giant Lincoln. You could have rented out the trunk as an apartment.

After we got to their house, Sam kindly ran me to Cyclextreme, where I got a pair of Armadillo Infinity tires for Cabell’s bike. Wish I’d known in advance; I would have bought them from Cape Bike.

Anyway, we had a nice meal and played Scattergories with Sam, Crystal, and Cabell’s friend Shanna and her daughter Megan. Lots of fun. Today we go to Booneville, with another winery at lunchtime.

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