KT09 day 2

So we rolled out of bed Monday morning; well, I was up at 6 as usual, but per Cabell’s instructions I let her sleep. “No thumping.” She got up at 7:30, and we proceeded to pack up. It wasn’t until we were just about to leave that I looked out the window to discover it was pouring. So we put on the rain gear and headed out.

The trail is slower going than road at best; the rougher surface makes for rolling resistance. When softened by rain, it’s a lot slower. We rode four hours in the rain and made it from Hermann to Mokane, about 25 miles. There we stopped at the bar and grill for breakfast.

Somewhere along the way, as we crossed yet another side road leading to highway 94, which was paralleling the trail, we agreed to ride on the road a while. It was definitely faster, although a headwind came up just about then. Next it started really pouring again, and Cabell said ” I don’t want to do 80 miles today”.

At the next shelter we agreed to split the trip to Columbia, stopping in Jefferson City. A good choice, as we felt a lot cheerier from then on. The rain let up after lunch–I was able to use the iPhone to check the radar and see that it was gone for the day. We arrived at North Jefferson a little after 3.

The information board at the trailhead showed the spur trail heading toward the bridge across the Missouri to Jefferson City, as well as a lot of stuff about attractions in the capital. We set out on the spur trail. It started out wide and well maintained, and became progressively worse until it petered out in a park next to the onramp for highways 54 and 63, right where they cross the river.

We climbed the ramp, although Cabell was doubtful. There we could seebthe bridge. Three lanes southbound, with abfair amount of traffic and a shoulder maybe a foot or two wide. I felt like there was room enough for traffic to get around us, though I didn’t like it much. Our hotel was over there, and it didn’t seem like we had much choice. Cabell refused.

So we went back down, pulled off the road, and used the iphone to google ” how the hell do you cross the bridge at Jeff City on a bike?”. Thanks to modern technology, we learned that the northbound lane has a bike lane. So we rode up the offramp the wrong way, and crossed the bridge facing the traffic. I think I’ll write to my congressman about the need for some signage.

Or maybe I’ll just walk over and see him. We are in the capital.

Anyway, we got to the hotel and found a good pizza place nearby. We got takeout and bought a sixpack and watched TV.

This morning it’s stormy again, but we only have about 35 miles to go today, so we’ll wait it out. We’re going to shorten our planned trip significantly, having found that we just can’t make the kind of mileage that we would on the road.

Besides, we’re vacationing, not working.

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  1. Mark Farmer says:

    Keep a stiff upper lip, intrepid adventurers! What iPhone apps do you like the most?

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