Cabell flies away; Betsy is impossible to live with

So I took Cabell to the airport this morning, and apparently she got to her plane okay.  I think that delays aren’t so bad now that most people know that they can’t have liquids in their carry-on luggage.

When I got back it was early afternoon, so I continued on to Cape and stopped in to see Betsy.  June took the opportunity to go out and do some shopping — i.e. to get away from Betsy.  Betsy’s driving her nuts.  She spent most of the time while June was out complaining to me about how June does basically everything wrong, such as putting things in the wrong places, etc., etc.  I did point out that June is the only reason she’s able to live in her apartment instead of the hospital, but she doesn’t seem to see that as sufficient reason to learn to deal with having another person in her home.  Aaargh.

Oh, and Legba and probably Pandora are both in the heating ducts somewhere.  I’m hoping they’ll come out at night.  I’m leaving the lights on in the basement so they can find their way.

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