More Owlet

Originally uploaded by Allen Gathman.

We have owlets in our porch. This hole in the porch post has been inhabited over the years by bees, starlings, maybe squirrels, but this year it’s a family of Eastern Screech Owls (Otus asio).

They’re very cute. At night the mother flies up a couple of times a minute with some tidbit for baby — I’m guessing bugs, and I heartily encourage them to eat those up. The mother is maybe 8 inches tall, and the hole is around 3″ in diameter — not big.

This post is just outside the windows in the hallway. Every time I walk by in the evening there’s a cat on the table by one window and a cat on the stool by the other one, rapt. It’s better than Tivo, apparently.

Considering the baby snake Sophie almost stepped on in the living room doorway the other night, it’s like living in frigging Wild Kingdom here.

2 Responses to “Owlets!”

  1. Reno says:

    Oh, lucky you! We have sparrows living in the roof, and my feeders are mobbed with house finches and gold finches and the resident sparrows, but nothing so cool or so close.

  2. Allen says:

    We should really get some feeders, now that our one outdoor cat is way too feeble to catch anything that flies. And we have something living under the eaves, but I’m not sure what — probably starlings. The owls are definitely a step up.

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