My lousy senator fights spending for alternative transportation

I just got a little note from MoBikeFed, the state bike advocacy group, with some interesting information.

Kit Bond, paleocon, Missouri’s senior senator, is sponsoring amendments to the stimulus bill that would strip all transportation funding except the part that goes to highways.  Like this:

[Bond] plans to offer an amendment that would transfer $5.5 billion in the bill for surface transportation competitive grants to the highway and bridge formula. The grants are meant for larger projects of national or regional significance that can be started within three years. Bond said that is not stimulative.

This is because bigger and better highways promote more gas-powered transportation, and as we know, gasoline is

a) Free

b) Not produced by countries that hate us

c) Non-polluting and non-CO2 producing (Not that Kit worries about global warming)

d) The most healthful way to get around

And, as Bond says, it’s “not stimulative” to spend money on alternative transportation.

Way to go, Kit!  Don’t waste taxpayer money on modernizing our infrastructure with light rail, buses, electric cars, bicycle paths, and pedestrian walkways.  Let’s invest in what got us where we are now.  Forward into the past!

Oh, btw, you can send your senators a message on this issue right here, if you’re interested.

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