Fun with cameras

Having bought a nice new camera a month ago, I’ve been taking lots of pics.  This morning I thought I’d try to do some HDR* photography.  Basically, you take several shots with different exposures, then use software (such as the free version of Photomatix, which I just downloaded) to combine them.  You can get some interesting effects.

Our house in the morning

Like this view of our house, looking rather surreal.

Or this more natural-looking one of the Hope farm, seen from our yard:

Another Sunday Morning

In any case you get more detail in a wider range of dark and light areas than you would in a single exposure.   Of course, the full software gives you a lot more control (actually the first pic was done with the trial version of that, and therefore has a Photomatix watermark on it).   But for $99, I’ll wait a bit and mess around with the freeware.

*Link takes you to Wikipedia.  Beware: you can wind up wasting a lot of time.

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  1. K says:


    My dad has recently acquired something which allows you to upload a lot of photographs taken close together in the same location (a room, say) and turn them into a 3D virtual tour. He has no purpose in mind for this. But it’s pretty cool.

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